Our research partners at Brunel University London found that adenovirus (Av) – an effective gene delivery vehicle for vaccinations – complexed with Nuvec®, can significantly improve adenovirus transduction.

In the study, researchers investigated the effect of using Nuvec to improve Av gene transfer. To identify the optimal concentration of Nuvec to aid Av infection, they compared Nuvec/Av complexes to Av only and Nuvec/Av complexed with low concentration of PEI polycation. They showed that Nuvec complexed Av can significantly improve Av transduction enabling a reduced vector dose required for effective gene transfer with low cytotoxicity on a range of target cells.

The study concluded that Nuvec may be a useful universal agent to improve vector mediated therapeutics with reduced side effects.

Download the poster, which is being presented at ESCGT in Brussels from 24-27th October, here.