N4 Pharma’s Nuvec® silica nanoparticles have a unique irregular (spiky) surface structure, coupled with polyethyleneimine (PEI), that simply and effectively traps and protects nucleic acid (such as siRNA/ mRNA /DNA) as it travels to the cells.

  • The Nuvec® particle is simply loaded with the siRNA/DNA/mRNA via a simple mixing process where the spiky structure protects the payload.
  • The Nuvec® particle carrying the siRNA/DNA/mRNA attaches to the cell membrane and is taken up into the cell via general and dynamin endocytosis.
  • Once inside the cell, PEI changes its charge and begins to disassociate from the particle, releasing the   siRNA/DNA/mRNA.
  • The released PEI ruptures the endosome membrane releasing the siRNA/DNA/mRNA into the cytoplasm.
  • The siRNA/DNA/mRNA is then free to be transfected to produce the desired biological effect.

Recent work indicates that Nuvec® can be loaded with single or multiple strands of SiRNA, mRNA, DNA and a wide range of plasmids including TNFalpha, IL12, IL2. It protects and delivers each compound / molecule into the same cell and generates the desired antigen protein expression, protein silencing or other desired outcome.

The Nuvec® system is currently in the pre-clinical research phase. Some of its key features are outlined below:

  • High loading capacity: The unique Nuvec® particle topography allows higher loading capacity, compared to alternative particle shapes. This property of the Nuvec® particle has been confirmed for both siRNA/mRNA/pDNA
  • Strong binding: Novel design of nanoparticles to maintain strong binding to the particle
  • Quick cellular uptake and endosomal release: Membrane and entry into the cell nucleus without leakage to liver
  • Localised transfection efficiency: Transfection using pDNA/mRNA/siRNA loaded particles confirmed in human cell models
  • Suppresses tumour growth: When loaded with TN alpha pDNA and injected, Nuvec® demonstrated a significant inhibition of tumour growth derived from a human cell line
  • Very scalable: Can be manufactured inexpensively in a controlled manner to range from 100-600nm in size
  • Formulation stability: Nuvec® can be easily loaded with the nucleic acid, dried, stored at four degrees for up to six months and reconstituted without loss of performance

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