In an interview with World Pharma Today, Nigel Theobald, CEO N4 Pharma, answers questions about the company’s latest news and future plans. Key highlights from the discussion include:

  • Acquisition: our recent acquisition of Nanogenics Limited and how it enhances our product offerings in gene therapy.
  • Collaborative partnerships: our partnerships with institutions like the University of Queensland which drive forward our research and development efforts.
  • Regulatory pathways: how we plan to navigate regulatory approval processes with bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Commercialization strategies: how we plan to commercialize our products independently and through strategic partnerships.
  • Scalability and manufacturing: the scalability and manufacturing processes involved in producing Nuvec® and LipTide®, ensuring efficient production for commercial distribution.
  • Market impact: the potential market impact of ECP105 using LipTide® for glaucoma treatment, including projections for patient adoption and market penetration.
  • Long-term goals: our long-term aspirations in oncology, gene therapy, and vaccines, as we strive for Nuvec® to be the go-to alternative to lipid nanoparticles for effective delivery of nucleic acids.

Read the interview published in World Pharma Today here.