Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are spending millions to develop novel treatments for cancer and hard-to-treat diseases using scientifically engineered siRNA/DNA/RNA molecules. In the body, nucleic acids need to be successfully delivered intracellularly with sufficient drug payload to be effective.

N4 Pharma’s breakthrough silica nanoparticle Nuvec® has been consistently proven to protect the payload and deliver it into the cell. Nuvec® particles have a unique irregular surface structure that simply and effectively traps and protects the siRNA/RNA/DNA as it travels to the cells. Once inside the cell, it is released to deliver a localised response.

To date, companies have tended to use existing commercially available delivery systems such as lipid nanoparticles, but unlike Nuvec®, these were not designed for working with nucleic acids and although they can also produce good responses they can also induce release of systemic inflammatory cytokines, meaning the patient can feel unwell, plus they may cause liver toxicity.

Nuvec® is safe and well tolerated even at high doses and can be delivered intravenously, sub cutaneously or intra muscular.

With siRNA, Nuvec® can produce a strong dose response curve showing significant cellular transfection from very low doses, meaning the amount of expensive siRNA needed to be effective can be significantly reduced. Nuvec® can also load multiple siRNA onto the same particle to utilise multiple pathways withing the same cell.


N4 Pharma has acquired the exclusive rights to commercialise a granted patent from the University of Queensland and has its own patent application for the use of Nuvec® to improve the performance of viral vectors.


Our revenues come from licensing Nuvec® for developing gene therapy, oncology treatments and vaccines. We are actively looking for partners.

The stages in the partnership process are typically:

  • In vitro proof of concept data

  • In vivo pre-clinical efficacy and toxicology

  • Partnership collaborations to test the delivery system

  • Licensing agreement

If you’d like further information or have any queries, please contact us.