With siRNA becoming increasingly used in the development of therapeutics, particularly oncology and gene therapy, the use of Nuvec® offers an alternative to current drug delivery approaches and break ground for new solutions that address the unmet need for more effective cancer therapies. Nuvec® has a unique irregular structure that binds single or multiple siRNA to the filamentous structure of the particle and after endocytosis, delivers the load into the cell.

At present, delivery of multiple siRNAs requires multiple carriers which decreases the probability of transfecting the same cell with more than one siRNA, thus hitting multiple aspects of a cellular pathway is less likely. Delivery of two siRNA acting on two complimentary pathways in the same cell has the potential to provide an improved clinical response with fewer adverse events compared to conventional chemotherapy.

Nuvec® is suited for the delivery of more than one siRNA into the same target cell and is designed to overcome some of the drawbacks of existing delivery systems, which can negatively impact treatment effectiveness and a drug’s safety profile.

Nuvec® can also effectively deliver single siRNA if this is all that is required.

N4 Pharma recently completed initial testing in vitro on loaded Nuvec® with two generic siRNA probes: GFP (Green fluorescent Protein) + EHMT-2 (Euchromatic Histone Lysine Methyltransferase 2) loaded at the same time. An in vitro dose response was seen that was comparable to lipofectamine transfection. In addition, loading Nuvec® with both siRNA together also demonstrated the ability to still silence each gene in the same cell.

See our infographic for more information on siRNA transfection with Nuvec®.

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