Nigel Theobald on revolutionising silica nanoparticle drug delivery

2020-04-23T09:29:08+01:00April 22nd, 2020|News|

The March issue of Pharma's Almanac features our CEO, Nigel Theobald, discussing the advantages of silica and our work with Nuvec® to improve drug delivery systems for nucleic acid-based cancer immunotherapies and viral vaccines. Click here to read more.

Nuvec® form and function: nanotopography matters

2020-01-13T11:24:33+00:00January 13th, 2020|News|

Over the last three decades, rapid progress in molecular biology has led to nucleic acids, such as plasmid DNA (pDNA), messenger RNA (mRNA) and, small interfering/silencing RNA (siRNA), being proposed for use as therapeutic agents. Our latest whitepaper underlines recent work in the field and details the extensive research [...]

N4 Pharma and Proactive discuss the latest update on Nuvec®

2019-09-18T14:46:10+01:00September 18th, 2019|Blog, News|

Our CEO, Nigel Theobald, recently provided an update on our Nuvec® program following the release of our interim results. You can watch the full interview with Proactive London's Andrew Scott below or visit the website:  

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