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Nuvec® is an engineered silica nanoparticle, which has been designed for the intracellular delivery of large nucleic acids such as pDNA and mRNA and is in the advanced research phase. The intention of the system is to effectively deliver nucleic acids into cells leading to the cellular production of proteins with potential activity as therapeutic entities or antigens for cancer vaccines.

Despite early promise for DNA vaccines, delivery systems have struggled to get the pDNA successfully and safely delivered to the cell nucleus because the pDNA is often broken down by nucleases before reaching the cell and struggles to pass through the cell membrane and once inside the cell does not easily enter the cell nucleus. Nuvec® has been designed to overcome these three key issues:

Key advantages of using Nuvec® for pDNA vaccine delivery

  • High vesicle loading – Easy loading of pDNA into the silica vesicle to achieve high loadings with little/no degradation of the pDNA
  • Good encapsulation – of the pDNA to minimize breakdown by nucleases and protect pDNA from attack.
  • Low toxicity – proven low toxicity of the silica vesicles
  • Strong cellular uptake – Optimisation of particle size and surface chemical functionality to enable efficient transport across the cell membrane and entry into the cell nucleus
  • Nucleic acid protection - prevents attack from nuclease

Click here to download a brochure with more information on the use of Nuvec for DNA vaccines and mRNA therapeutics

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