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Nuvac is a nano-carrier delivery system for vaccines whereby the antigen for the vaccine is loaded into tiny nano sized silica vesicles which provides a sustained and improved performance of the vaccine. Nuvac® will allow for single dose vaccines to be developed for vaccines that traditionally require 3 or more doses, a major issue in achieving effective immunisation.

The system acts as a natural adjuvant thereby removing the need to add additional adjuvants to improve the vaccine. The improved vaccine has been shown to increase both the production of the antibodies needed to fight the vaccine and to kill the virus cells directly.

It is ideal for subunit vaccine reformulation

Key advantages of Nuvac®

  • Improved humoral response – high loading of the antigen into the nano sized silica vesicle delivers and improved antibody performance
  • Cell mediation – strong take up of the antigen into the cell improves cell killing capability
  • Dose reduction – sustained immune effect from a single dose
  • Antigen exposure – improved humoral effect can deliver the same immune response from a lower dose.

Click here to download a brochure with more information on use of Nuvac for Hepatitis B