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This division currently comprises N4 Pharma’s Nuvac and Nuvec vaccine delivery technology. N4 Pharma is undertaking research to demonstrate that its vaccine delivery systems can protect the vaccine in the body and improve the ability of the vaccine to produce an immune response.

It is working with outsourced experts to develop commercially relevant results which the N4 Pharma Directors consider will allow it to engage with suitable partners. These partners would then pay N4 Pharma a license fee to use its delivery system as part of the partners’ own vaccine development programme. N4 Pharma is continuing its research programme to demonstrate functionality, transfection efficiency and safety of its technology. Other more detailed studies to evaluate the biodistribution, safety and efficacy of this technology will be carried out during 2017 with the support of a grant from Innovate UK which has already been obtained.

Nuvac Nuvec

We attended the 2017 Vaccine Conference in Barcelona, download our Vaccine Conference poster.

Vaccines in the pipeline

Single dose Hepatitis B