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Clinical stage:

Nuvec® is an engineered silica nanoparticle, which has been designed for the intracellular delivery of large nucleic acids such as pDNA and mRNA and is in the advanced research phase.


The Nuvec® system is intended to effectively deliver nucleic acids into cells leading to the production of antigens with potential activity as therapeutic entities or antigens for cancer vaccines. It is currently in the pre-clinical research phase.

  • High vesicle loading – Easy loading of pDNA and mRNA into the silica vesicle
  • Strong binding – Novel design of nano-particles to maintain strong binding to the particle
  • Strong cellular uptake – Optimisation of particle size and surface chemical functionality to enable efficient transport across the cell membrane and entry into the cell nucleus without leakage to liver
  • Low toxicity – proven low toxicity of the silica vesicles observed up to high doses in pre-clinical studies with low induction of systemic inflammatory cytokines. Well tolerated even up to high doses even in pre-clinical models

Pre-clinical studies have shown a single injection of Nuvec® silica nanoparticles delivery system is effective in delivering DNA to generate localised protein expression at the site of the injection and draining lymph nodes and release cytokines into the systemic circulation. These are crucial characteristics for body to generate an immune response. No tolerability issues were detected.

N4 Pharma is currently collaborating with MedImmune UK to explore the manufacturing of a prototype nanomedicine using N4’s Nuvec® system. This project is co-funded by Innovate UK. N4 will develop manufacturing methods for Nuvec® particles loaded with therapeutic pDNA/mRNA encoding antigens. MedImmune will then conduct in vitro and in vivo study to demonstrate the capability of delivering such antigens to induce immune response.