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N4 Pharma is developing a new delivery systems for mRNA and pDNA vaccines and therapeutics N4 Pharma is undertaking research and scale up work for its nanoparticle to get it to the stage where it can license it to pharmaceutical companies for commercialisation. N4 Pharma’s revenues will be derived from advance milestone and royalty payments associated with the licences.

Delivery of novel and existing vaccines and therapeutics

N4 Pharma has developed two novel delivery technologies for vaccines and biological therapeutics; Nuvec®, designed for improved delivery of DNA and RNA and a novel system to reduce the number of injections required to achieve immunity. It is undertaking the required pre-clinical work to demonstrate the capability of these delivery systems so that it can license the technology to major players developing treatments in this area. Again, this license would be in return for advance milestone and royalty payments.

The stages in this process are typically:

  1. In vitro proof of concept data
  2. In-vivo pre-clinical efficacy and toxicology
  3. Partnership collaborations to test the delivery system
  4. Licensing agreement