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Bringing a new drug to market is inherently risky, often taking over 10 years and costing in excess of $1 billion. This is compounded by the high failure rate of bringing a new drug to market. A BIO, Biomedtracker market report titled “Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015” demonstrated that only 9.64 per cent. of drugs in development reached the market.

N4 Pharma believes that reformulation is an established means by which additional value can be generated by pharmaceutical companies for their brands. Reformulation of these drugs in-house does not seem to be a priority for most large pharmaceutical companies.

N4 Pharma operates in this niche area, seeking to reformulate selected established drugs by improving their performance, and thereafter licensing the newly reformulated drugs to pharmaceutical companies. N4 Pharma's reformulation approach is expected to take approximately three years to obtain regulatory approval. The cost and risk profile of this model is also significantly less than the traditional process. 

Vaccines and Therapeutics

Current vectors for the delivery of vaccines and biological therapeutics exhibit a number of issues including low loading capacity, poor transfection properties, poor preclinical tolerability, and unwanted immune responses.

N4 Pharma develops novel delivery systems with unique structures designed as superior alternatives to lipid systems and viral-like delivery vectors. The Company is undertaking pre-clinical research to demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies. N4 Pharma will then license the technology to commercial partners for improved delivery of their own products.